MN Kids Consignment Sales

A listing of seasonal children's consignment sales in Minnesota


Don't you just love a great deal?  At seasonal children's consignment sales, you'll find hundreds of them!  Seasonal kids consignment sales have been very popular in the south for many years, but are a fairly recent addition to Minnesota.  Knowledge of when and where a sale happens is often passed around via word of mouth.  Wouldn't it be great to have a place to find listings of all the great kids consignment, Moms of Multiples  and ECFE kids stuff sales by both location and date?  We thought so too!


What is a Kid's Consignment Sale? 


Seasonal kids consignment sales are organized events where sellers or "consignors" bring their stuff together to sell over the course of a couple days in the spring and fall.  There are often over 100 families participating in each sale.  The sellers set their own prices, prepare and bring their items to the sale location and keep a higher percentage of their sales (typically 60-80%) than they would receive at a traditional storefront consignment shop. 


For sellers it is MUCH easier than holding a garage sale where you would have to do all the advertising, setting up and sit around all weekend.  Even if you live in a high traffic area, it's unlikely you would draw the thousands of shoppers a consignment sale can bring in. 


For shoppers the sales are a great way to find items at really great prices.  Items are typically inspected for quality and organized much more like a retail shop (clothing hung up and sorted by size and gender, tables labeled with age appropriate toys).  Unlike garage sales, you don't have to spend time driving around to multiple sales to look at relatively few items.  Instead everything is all under one roof and organized for a great shopping experience. 


Looking for a sale outside of Minnesota?  Check out these sites: